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  • What exactly does AES do?
    The AES team is comprised of aviation turbine engine experts. We have spent our careers designing aviation turbine engines for major OEMs or working at the highest levels with OEM / OEM authorized overhaul shops. We combine these two specialized skills to offer our clients invaluable insights, technical knowledge, anticipation / foresight, and cost management. AES helps our Business Aviation clients at many levels from being a fully integrated member of our clients Maintenance team to helping a client navigate the complexities of a single engine maintenance event.
  • What type of engines does AES specialize in?
    AES has extensive Technical and Commercial expertise with all Business Aviation Turbine Engine models. This includes Propulsion and APU turbine engines made by Honeywell, Pratt and Whitney, Rolls Royce, GE, and Williams International.
  • How does AES help me control my repair event cost?
    AES provides maintenance oversight to ensure no unneeded parts are replaced by reviewing all maintenance findings then challenging questionable rejections. AES, with its client’s approval, will leverage its experts in the serviceable / exchange part market to further control repair cost. AES reviews all potential commercial discounts and warranty opportunities that may apply to the repair. Finally, AES carefully reviews the repair invoice to ensure accuracy and that all commercial benefits are applied.
  • Where are you located?
    Our head office is situated in Naples, Florida. More importantly, we have AES personnel positioned close to all major overhaul facilities across the United States.
  • Do you provide expert engine services outside of the USA?
    Yes, AES can support engine events anywhere in the world. We are happy to collaborate with our clients to determine if an on-site presence is required or whether the task can be performed remotely.
  • What is your rate to oversee an engine through an overhaul facility?
    We have a variety of rate structures including annual retainer fee to help our fleet operators. Alternatively, we offer a onetime event fee structure based on the size of engine undergoing a shop visit (i.e.: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large). Additionally, we offer full intervention coverage from induction to completion, light intervention (i.e.: H.S.I) as well as report only.
  • Do you offer pre-buy inspections?
    Yes, AES provides pre-buy inspection oversight. This service includes: Coordination of inspection requirements with the inspecting organization. On-site oversight of the inspection. Alternatively, AES can provide remote oversight of the inspection process. Review and modification of inspection report to ensure it meets the customer's requirements.
  • Do you offer litigation services?
    No, this is not an area in which we provide services.
  • Do you offer volume discounts to fleet operators?
    Yes, AES prefers to work with fleet operators on a “Retainer” basis in order to help navigate all technical and commercial aspects of propulsion and APU engine issues. Otherwise, AES can also provide its expert services on a volume discounted basis.
  • Does AES perform maintenance services?
    No, AES does not perform physical maintenance tasks but helps its clients navigate finding the best service provider / Mobile Service support, coordinate the maintenance team’s efforts and ensure appropriate charges for its clients.
  • Does AES perform Insurance work?
    Yes, AES provides expert analysis of FOD event repairs. AES helps its clients understand and separate costs associated with FOD related damage from normal wear and tear. AES also provides shop oversight of engines being repaired to ensure our clients do not pay for unnecessary charges.
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